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With the rapid development of the industry, GX GROUP will continue to develop more ecological products and work with partners to create a more complete ecosystem

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Leading Technology System in Gaming Industry

Its products have cutting-edge technical architecture and product system, leading the entire industry. With self-developed products covering the whole industry, joint ecological products have thousands of customers


Strong Ecosystem

GX ecological products cover the entire industry, including BC, color stations, sports, customer service, CDN, domain name monitoring, free e-sports and sports event data, allowing you to have all products and services on one platform


More than 100 Games Supplier

We have a professional technical maintenance team of hundreds of people.


Professional After Sales Maintenance Service

hundreds of professional after-sales customer service, different product lines are assigned different customer service 7*24 hours to reply or deal with any questions you have in time.


Customization function

After the technical requirements and development documents provided by the merchant are verified by us, we will create an account for the merchant and enter the project development stage.


Over 30 Of Official GX Template for Choosing

More than 30 official GX templates to choose from


Handover within 7 Days *T&C apply.

After the entire design and development of the project is completed, we will reserve 7 days for internal testing. After the internal testing is completed, it will be delivered for online operation.

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